Recent Reads II

Well, these aren’t so recently read now, to be honest. I’ve been remiss about writing up books I read. Which is a shame since I enjoy it, even if they’re more reader reaction than review. One of the best things about writing m/m is reading m/m. Of course you can just do one or the other, but I like to see what others are writing. And despite popular trends, the genre is very flexible

havemercy(Right now I’m actually reading a fantasy with m/m romantic elements and loving it. Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett. Will have to write about that too.)

Anyway, in late 2008 I read two excellent books, The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks and Collision Course. There are a number of contrasts that I can note with these two books. Ghost is by Josh Lanyon, one of my favorite authors, and I try to read pretty much everything he writes. Collision Course was by a new-to-me author KA Mitchell.

collisioncourseCollision Course is marked Red Hot by Samhain. For good reason, as there’s a lot of sex in the book, right from the beginning. I’ll admit it, there have been times in the past when my eyes begin to glaze over during sex scenes of certain books, and I wish the author would return to the story. Or I think, not another sex scene. But not here.

Mitchell’s story is told through the sex scenes and they’re hot, relevant, moving and develop the relationship. I loved the two heroes, and I found it a gripping read. Not only that, Aaron and Joey have jobs that are very important to them (paramedic and social worker), and these jobs are also important in the development of the story. I’m not the only one who loved it, as Dear Author’s Joan gave it an A- and jessewave gave it 5 stars.

I used to say that I didn’t really read mystery. But that’s not quite true, I realize. It’s more that I’m picky, or inflexible, when it comes to mystery. I’m actually a fan of quite a few mystery authors: PD James, Ariana Franklin, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Kate Ross. But there’ve been a number of popular mystery writers who really don’t do it for me. Either the final explanation falls flat, which kinda wrecks the story for me, or the characterization doesn’t engage me. Anyway, all this to say that I thoroughly enjoy Josh Lanyon’s mysteries, including The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks.

jl_theghostworeyellowsocks_coverlgGhost has this cool atmosphere with a boarding-house mystery and a missing dead body. Perry is physically frail but tenacious and determined to find out what happened to that dead body only he saw. Nick, meanwhile, gets involved, both with Perry and the mystery, despite himself. Lots of excellent secondary characters. A very nice, slow build-up to Perry and Nick’s relationship. It, too, got 5 stars from jessewave.

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